Friday, August 13, 2010

You have a right to claim in case of an Accident at work

People spend quite a lot of time in their offices or factories where ever they work. On an average a minimum of 7 hours a person spends working in the office. During this duration if he or she encounters a mishap. It can be any incident an injury because of the heavy machinery, a burn due to sudden fire or an electricity current etc.

There is a high possibility of getting injured at the workplace. Many organizations do not pay much attention to the safety of their employees and if any accidents happen because of the carelessness it is the responsibility of the organization to make sure accidents do not happen and if they happen the injured person gets the compensation for it. The physical damage done to the person cannot be paid up for but the medical expenses can definitely be borne by the responsible party.

In case you ever encounter any such accident at work, you can make injury and loss claims within 3 years of the accident. It is the duty of employers to make sure their employees work in a safe and accident free working atmosphere. Safety precautions like proper equipments, suitable working clothes etc can be taken care off.

If the employer is at fault, he needs to take the responsibility to pay for the losses. If the employer refuses to do so, the organization can be taken to the court and an efficient injury lawyer can help you make your claims.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Justice Should Be Swift

The number of accidents taking place today has risen such alarmingly that one cant just help but wonder as to how careless a man has become today, in the due course hurting none other than his fellow beings. A person in need of a lawyer or solicitation to fight a case for him dealing with the issues of suing for injuries and getting a deserving amount as compensation, ‘Leading Injury Lawyers’ is one of the best options available here.

The charges to be sued depend on the intensity and severity of the injury and which part is injured in turn. For brain damage one may charge up to £ 257,750, back injuries give £ 108,000 and face injuries give £ 23,500. There is huge list of many other injuries which have a particular amount tagged to be charged on the offender. Wrist injury, broken arm, leg injury, eye injury and so on.

The various claim types are Traffic Accident in which you may claim to be injured as a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or motorcyclist for that matter. The condition being that it was caused by no fault o yours.

Accidents at work as an employee’s safety at work are an employer’s responsibility. Product liability which sees Defective food which causes a stomach upset, food poisoning or some other problem can also be a claim type. Of course public accidents which sees one meet with an accident in public. Slips and falls causing injury in other places is another claim type. While if injured while travelling in a public bus or train one is also entitled for compensation.

When one comes to Leading Injury Lawyers his woes are dealt with in three easy steps of filling up a form, the lawyers fighting your case for you and then eventually the compensation cheque landing into your hands. Now for once serving well over ten years we have a successful won case and given the deserved compensation to our clients.

An introduction to the injury claims process explaining how their injury claims specialists can guide you after a personal injury. Claim your compensation now.

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